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This summer My family and my sister s family going to a nude beach. We have Two kids Five and 7 years old, my sister has a Two year old. We have been there Two times before having any kids. Now they are coming too obviously. Im in a little debate and a little jumpy about it, but we have planned it for over 6 months. The entire time we both lived at home I uncommonly showered without my sister at the mirror on the other side of the glass shower door. Neither one of us dreamed to wake up early enough that we'd both have our own time in the bathroom, and nakedness was never a big deal to . I grew up with a sister who was Five years older than me (when I was 12 she was 17). She behaved in exhibitionist ways around the house. I feel like she intentionally attempted to sexually excite me to have power over me. An example: She would attempt on clothes and get disrobed with her bedroom door still open.

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